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The 2016 South Central USA Regional Contest



Rank Name Solved Time
1 UT White (UT Austin) 10 1493
2 UT Green (UT Austin) 10 1536
3 UT Blue (UT Austin) 10 1610
4 UT Orange (UT Austin) 10 1661
5 Comets-1 (UT Dallas) 10 2048
6 Comets-3 (UT Dallas) 9 1583
7 H. Hardwick (LeTourneau) 8 1436
8 Comets-2 (UT Dallas) 7 743
9 Baylor Bears (Baylor) 7 790
10 Rice Lalalalalalalalalalalala (Rice) 7 1049
Honorable Mention
#babygroot (ACU)
= null; (TAMU-K)
A. Austin (LeTourneau)
Aleph Naught (Tulsa)
Baylor Gold (Baylor)
Baylor Green (Baylor)
Bobcat (Texas State University - San Marcos)
Buccs (Southwestern U)
Casual (TAMU-K)
Comets-4 (UT Dallas)
D. Lunsford (LeTourneau)
Dakoda Debuggers (MSU)
Demon Coders (NSU)
Fishing for 2's Compliments (UNO)
Fluffy Succotash (Tulsa)
Game of Threads (UNO)
Go Frogs! (TCU)
Kiowa Koders (MSU)
Kraken (Southwestern U)
LSU Mauve (LSU)
LSU Purple (LSU)
LU out for Harambit (Lamar Univ.)
Little Lispers (U. Houston)
NAU Discrete (NAU)
NAU Stallions (NAU)
NULL (Lamar Univ.)
OC Eagles (Okla. Christian)
OU-I (U Oklahoma)
OU-J (U Oklahoma)
OU-K (U Oklahoma)
OU-L (U Oklahoma)
Oh the Hue Manatee (ACU)
Pink Narwhals (ACU)
RAMS Are Meta Scripters (ASU)
Refactored Broccoli (Tulsa)
Rice Fresh (Rice)
Rice Lucky Ks (Rice)
Rice Mango (Rice)
Team Hodor (UNO)
Team Jay Sambho (UNO)
Texas A&M Aggies (Texas A&M)
Texas A&M Maroon (Texas A&M)
Texas A&M White (Texas A&M)
Trinity 3v4n5+1 (Trinity U.)
Trinity Dentists Hate Us (Trinity U.)
Trinity Sour Brite Ballers (Trinity U.)
Turing Tested (Tulsa)
UD1 (University of Dallas)
UD2 (University of Dallas)
UD3 (University of Dallas)
UHackers (U. Houston)
pi-Rates (Southwestern U)
rowdy_alpha (UT San Antonio)
su root (Southwestern U)
Updated Sat Oct 29 17:06:18 2016 Description of the "Finals" report: Standings as they are displayed at the conclusion of the ACM ICPC World Finals - Penalty Points are considered and displayed only for the top ten teams; the remaining teams who have solved at least the median number of problems are grouped alphabetically by number solved; the rest of the teams are listed as "Honorable Mention".