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2016 ACM ICPC South Central USA Regional Programming Contest

G - Filesystem

Given a series of file system commands and queries, output the contents of the file requested by each query (a query is a filename to be printed out). If the query is invalid (e.g. path does not exist), the text invalid! must be printed.

The following commands must be supported:

All filesystem paths will only contain numbers, letters, or / and will not exceed 31 characters or 7 path components. Paths components will be separated by a /. All commands in the input are valid and will not refer to non-existent/invalid paths unless behavior is specified above. All commands will be less than 1024 characters.


The first line of input contains T (0 < T < 100), indicating the number of test cases.

The next line of input contains C (0 < C < 100), indicating the number of commands for the test case. The next C lines will contain commands to generate the filesystem. The folder that the filesystem starts in may be ignored. In other words, the current directory (./) may be assumed.

The next line of input contains Q (0 < Q < 20), indicating the number of filenames for the test case whose contents should be printed. The next Q lines will contain filenames (or a path & filename, e.g. myfolder/myfile) to print out the contents of a given file.


Output the contents of the file a query requests or "invalid!" if the file does not exist.

Print out a blank after each case.

Sample Input

echo "This is foo" > foo
cp foo bar
mkdir dir
echo "Bar" > bar
mv bar dir/bar

Sample Output

This is foo
This is foo